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How Can You Tell When It’s Time to Help Your Mom?

Home care services are arranged to match your needs. Hire caregivers for a weekly break or have someone help out each day.
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Senior Home Care | Columbia | Mercy Care Providers
Home Care Baltimore, MD: How Can You Tell When It’s Time to Help Your Mom?

How do you know when it’s time to help your mom with everything from housekeeping to personal care? If you try to talk to her, she becomes defensive. You want the best for her, but you don’t want to push her too hard. Here are some of the signs that aging at home is becoming too difficult without help.

She’s Isolated

Is your mom still going out and being social? Has she started avoiding social events and trips out of the home? If she’s withdrawing from activities and gatherings, it’s important to see why.

The lack of transportation may be to blame. If your mom’s eyesight is worsening, she may not be able to drive to stores, friends’ homes, or senior centers. She may be isolating herself because she can’t get there. If that’s the case, transportation services from a caregiver will help.

Her House and Yard Are in Poor Shape

You’ve noticed your mom’s yard doesn’t get mowed for ages. Her dog uses the deck to avoid the tall grass, and she’s not cleaning up those messes. Inside, your mom’s fridge is full of spoiled food. Her floor is covered in dog hair, dirt, and dust. You don’t notice her making any effort to clean up.

It could be that it’s become too hard for her to carry a vacuum around. She’s losing track of when she purchased certain groceries. She may be relying so much on takeout or delivery that she hasn’t opened her fridge in ages. Housekeeping and food preparation services would help.

Her Clothing is Dirty and Doesn’t Match

Your mom is wearing the same jeans for weeks without washing them. Her shirts are always buttoned incorrectly. Her shoes are never tied. Disheveled or dirty clothing can be a sign that personal care is becoming less important. Talk to her about having caregivers help with laundry and dressing.

She Can’t Get in and Out of the Shower Easily

You’ve noticed that your mom has a very hard time lifting her leg high enough to step over the bathtub wall. She’s only showing once a week because it’s a struggle.

See if she has grab bars to hold for support while getting in and out of the bathtub. Caregivers can help her get into the tub and comfortably seated on a shower chair. Once the shower is done, caregivers can help her get back out, dried off, and dressed.

Don’t rule out home care. As tempting as it is to save money and provide all of the care your mom needs, it’s also stressful for your family. Your mom may feel like she’s a burden as you adjust your work and personal time to fit in her care. Even if you avoid those common issues, you’ll need breaks. Family carers often find themselves overly stressed and short on free time.

Home care services are arranged to match your needs. Hire caregivers for a weekly break or have someone help out each day. Call to discuss prices and available home care options.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care in Baltimore, MD please contact the caring staff at Mercy Care Providers, LLC today at (301) 260-0688.

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