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Three Objections Your Dad May Have Towards Senior Care

Let your dad take the lead when you talk to a senior care agency. If he gets to ask questions, he may be more willing to try senior care
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Senior Home Care | Columbia | Mercy Care Providers

It’s obvious that your dad is having a hard time at home. He’s calling you every day asking for help or wanting to talk. He calls you at work, and it’s disruptive. He asks you to stop by and cook his dinner,but you know your children are waiting for their meal and help with homework. It’s stressing you out.

You’ve approached your dad with the idea of hiring caregivers to help. As soon as you mention senior care, he balks. He’s stubborn, and you’re frustrated. These are likely the three objections he has.

Caregivers Infringe on His Privacy

Older adults worry that senior care services will diminish their privacy. Your dad is convinced that he loses all privacy when he has a caregiver. If he needs help with bathing and toileting, it’s understandable. There may be some issues with privacy, but he needs to understand that caregivers are trained to make your dad as comfortable as possible and allow for as much privacy as possible.

He’ll Lose His Independence

One of the top fears of older adults is that senior care takes away independence. The opposite is true.The role of a caregiver is to help seniors remain independent at home without risking comfort or safety.Your dad gets help with the tasks that have become too difficult to manage alone. For tasks he’s okay managing on his own, he won’t have anyone interfering.

It’s Expensive

Senior care services do come at a cost. Health insurance won’t cover long-term care in the majority of situations. Your family will pay out of pocket for the care your dad needs. However, that care costs a lot less than the medical bills he’d accrue if he struggled to do something and ended up injuring himself.

If he fell down the stairs while trying to carry a heavy hamper to the laundry room, imagine him lying there alone and scared until someone stopped by. The medical bills and stress you’ll experience after that are far more detrimental than paying for a few hours of senior care each week.

Let your dad take the lead when you talk to a senior care agency. If he gets to ask questions, he may be more willing to try senior care. Agree on a trial basis for a month. Once he sees what it’s really like,he’s very likely to insist on making senior care a permanent arrangement.

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