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In-Home Skilled Nursing Care

At Mercy Care Providers, we strive to provide meaningful in-home care to all our clients by clearly defining our individually tailored care plan to meet the patient’s needs 24/7. Our Registered Nurses create a step by step care plan of different activities to meet the patient’s needs during each work shift. Our staff are trained to clearly communicate with our clients and their families about everything we do. This helps create the much-desired positive mood necessary for patient care. 

We strive to provide the best care possible by personalizing our patient’s care. We achieve this very unique goal by continuously monitoring our clients and ensuring ongoing communication. All of our home care services are designed to be provided to our clients wherever they reside and require our assistance. It could be a private residence, rehabilitation center, an assisted living facility, senior apartment complex, nursing home, or even an independent living setting.

When illness or injury happens, the familiarity of home and the support of family is often the best medicine. That’s why more and more families are choosing in-home skilled nursing care from Mercy Care Providers to help loved ones recover comfortably while staying in a cherished, supportive environment. With our compassionate nursing expertise by your side, you can get back to beloved daily routines and relationships while receiving top-notch medical care.

Our fully licensed registered nurses bring advanced clinical skills and any necessary medical technology right to your bedside. We take the time to develop a customized skilled nursing care plan that delivers exactly the medical services, treatments, and oversight needed – whether it’s short-term post-operative help or ongoing chronic disease management. 

With 24/7 availability, our skilled nurses can work flexibly with any schedule or emergent needs. Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by your favorite photos, books, furniture, and other touches of home that aid healing. The environment you know and love.

Tailored Nursing Care Promotes Recovery

Specialized in-home skilled nursing care from Mercy Care Providers provides the precise clinical expertise required for optimal recovery. Our registered nurses start by thoroughly assessing the patient’s current health condition and needs. Next, they collaborate closely with the patient, family members, and directing physicians to develop a customized skilled nursing treatment plan.

This personalized at-home approach promotes faster healing and better outcomes for each patient’s unique situation. 

For example, patients recovering from major surgery like hip replacement or organ transplant will receive incision site management, pain medication administration, preventive treatments for blood clots, and physical therapy support tailored to their recovery timeline and protocols.

Chronic wound patients will have their wounds meticulously cleaned and monitored for signs of improvement or deterioration. Advanced evidence-based treatments will be applied such as debridement of necrotic tissue, moisture-balancing dressings, compression wraps, and topical pharmaceuticals to protect against infection while promoting tissue regeneration.

Kidney disease patients who require dialysis will be guided through each step of the process and monitored for fluid imbalances post-treatment. Intravenous antibiotics will be started and maintained for osteomyelitis patients exactly per physician orders to effectively treat the bone infection.

In each specialized case, our skilled nurses bring their advanced assessment skills, clinical knowledge, and compassion right to the bedside within the comforting familiarity of home. Working within the patient’s own home setting allows our nurses to seamlessly blend necessary medical services into normal daily living routines and needs.

For example, care plans adapt to a senior’s long-held morning and bedtime schedules.

Physical spaces within the home are proactively arranged for optimal safety, accessibility, and ease of movement with medical equipment brought in. 

Known stress triggers can be avoided while favorite nourishing foods, music, and familiar comforting objects are incorporated to boost morale. 

In this way, expert medical care blends naturally into each patient’s regular lifestyle for improved comfort and outcomes.

Throughout the skilled nursing care process, clear ongoing communication keeps all members of the care team closely aligned. Our nurses will relay updates on the patient’s progress as well as any emerging concerns to the directing physicians in a timely manner. 

We also make sure to teach involved family members proper techniques for safely assisting with critical needs like medication administration, ostomy care, mobility support, and more. Everyone works together as an integrated team to help the patient recover strength, functionality, and independence throughout their healing journey.

Providing In-Home Skilled Nursing Care in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George's, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Frederick, Carroll Counties, Baltimore City, and more in Maryland. Our Washington, DC office provides services through the Department of Disability Services (DDS).

In-Home Skilled Nursing Care | Columbia | Mercy Care Providers

Skilled Nursing Care for Diverse Needs

Our team’s in-home skilled nursing services span a wide spectrum of both short-term and long-term medical conditions and needs – from administering intravenous medications, chemotherapy, and antibiotics to providing wound care, ostomy care, catheter maintenance, stroke rehabilitation, and dementia care. We also handle disease management for chronic illnesses like diabetes, COPD, and congestive heart failure. Patients can rely on the full attention and expertise of our registered nurses for a variety of medical needs without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

Some examples of our skilled in-home nursing care offerings include:

  • IV Infusion Therapy – We specialize in inserting intravenous lines and providing medications, hydration fluids, total parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and other intravenous treatments requiring reliable vascular access. With IV catheters properly placed and consistently monitored, patients experience fewer complications such as infiltration and infection.

  • Wound Care – For patients with difficult to heal or chronic wounds, we utilize advanced evidence-based treatments to protect against dangerous infections while actively promoting tissue regeneration and closure. Skilled techniques we employ include debridement of necrotic tissue, application of moisture-balancing dressings, use of compression wraps, topical pharmaceuticals, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy based on the wound’s characteristics. Our extensive clinical experience brings about faster wound closure.

  • Ostomy Care – For patients who have recently undergone ostomy surgery to divert elimination, we provide in-depth education and assistance with caring for the ostomy and appliances. Guidance is given every step of the way – from properly measuring the stoma opening to selecting well-fitted pouches that avoid leaks and skin breakdown. With our dedicated ostomy teaching and support, patients gain the knowledge and hands-on skills to take charge of their own care.

  • Post-Surgical Care – For post-operative recovery, our nurses utilize their specialized skills for surgical site protection and monitoring. This includes regular sterile dressing changes, pain management medication administration, vigilant drainage checks, preventive treatments for blood clots, and monitoring for any signs of post-surgical complications. With our diligent incision site care, pain control, and physical therapy support, patients heal faster and are less likely to require hospital readmission.

At Mercy Care Providers, we strive to provide meaningful in-home care to all our clients by clearly defining our individually tailored care plan to meet the patient’s needs 24/7.

As one of the area’s leading in-home nursing care providers, we offer the very best compassionate care for people of all ages. It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of our clients and that is exactly what we do every day.

In-Home Skilled Nursing Care | Columbia | Mercy Care Providers

Partner with Mercy Care Providers' Skilled Nurses

If you or a loved one requires in-home skilled nursing care to properly manage an illness, injury, or post-operative recovery, please consider partnering with our team. We are dedicated to delivering individualized medical services, treatments, education, and support directly in the comfort of your Maryland home. 

Our fully licensed, professionally credentialed nurses handle everything from collaborating with physicians to verifying insurance coverage and filing claims. We will also keep family members actively engaged in the care. Healthcare centered around each patient’s unique needs makes all the difference in their outcome and experience.

Please contact our team today to discuss your specific situation and how we can develop a tailored skilled nursing care plan to meet it. We are here to provide experienced compassionate support so you can focus on healing and recovery – all from the comfort of home.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care at Home

Choosing in-home skilled nursing care has a multitude of advantages over extended hospitalizations or rehabilitation facility stays for recovery. Benefits our patients experience include:

  • Personalized Medical Care – Our nurses get to know the patient and family members within their own home environment in order to tailor the care plan accordingly. Specific needs, preferences, routines, and lifestyle considerations are seamlessly incorporated into treatment for improved comfort.

  • Preserves Independence – Because care takes place within the comfort of their own residence, patients can continue cherished daily routines and regimens to avoid disruptions. More freedom of movement, dignity, and autonomy is maintained compared to institutional facilities.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety – The familiarity of home provides a soothing atmosphere without stressful overhead announcements, disruptive hospital noises, and unfamiliar smells often present in facilities. Patients experience less anxiety and uncertainty.

  • Enhanced Safety – Risks of infections, falls, and medical errors are reduced with care in the home versus in crowded institutional settings. Our nurses control the care setting and are constantly vigilant.

  • Convenience – Patients aren’t subjected to restrictive visitation hours, Wait times for needed assistance, or exhausting long drives to appointments multiple times a week. Medical care comes right to their bedroom or living room.

  • Cost Savings – In-home skilled nursing care is often covered fully by Medicare or private insurance, avoiding hefty out-of-pocket rehabilitation facility bills. There are also no expenses associated with transportation and meals that come with facility stays.

With compassionate professional support from our team of experts right in your own familiar residence, recovery and chronic disease management proceeds faster and more smoothly. Patients experience greater comfort, independence, support from loved ones, and reduced risks.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Skilled Nursing Care

Both Medicare and many private insurances offer coverage of home health skilled nursing provided certain medical necessity criteria are met – such as recent surgery, non-healing wounds, IV medication administration needs, stroke rehabilitation, and more. Our staff handles verification of benefits and filing of claims.

We have registered nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide skilled services – from IV medication administration to medical emergency response. Individualized care plans are tailored to match each patient’s unique schedule, needs, and lifestyle.

Our skilled nurses complete extensive accredited training programs and maintain all required professional certifications and licenses. They specialize and receive ongoing education in areas like IV therapy, wound care, post-surgical care, ostomy care, diabetes management, dementia care, and much more.

We perform and update comprehensive home safety assessments checking for fall risks and other hazards. All medical equipment brought into the home is closely inspected and maintained. Our nurses are trained extensively in infection control, fall prevention, medication administration safety, and accident avoidance. Patients also benefit from 24/7 monitoring and support.

We highly encourage family participation throughout – from collaborating on the care plan to being trained on safely assisting with needs like mobility support, medication reminders, ostomy care assistance, and other tasks under the guidance of a nurse. This provides peace of mind while keeping loved ones involved. Open communication keeps everyone informed of the patient’s progress.

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